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    spring_btn Spring

    We will apply a specially formulated spring fertiliser designed for cooler temperatures to bring your lawn out from winter and provide that deep green spring-like colour. Also we make an important selective weed treatment that will kill weeds.

    early_summer_btn Early Summer

    We apply a specially formulated fertiliser which will maintain that deep green colour and thick lawn that we all like. To rid your lawn of weeds, we also apply an important selective weed treatment.

    late-summer Late Summer

    We apply a specially formulated fertiliser which contains No-Scorch granules. It does not need watering in and will help to maintain the green strength in the lawn even through a hot dry period which is typical this time of year. Also we make an important selective weed control treatment that will rid your lawn of those unsightly weeds.

    autumn_btn Autumn

    We apply a Liquid moss control to your lawn. The moss in your lawn will turn a dark brown as it dies, there are also nutrients in this treatment that will help your roots cope better with the winter conditions.

    winter_btn Winter

    At Winter moss tends to take hold within a lawn which is why we apply a liquid moss control product to your lawn that, as well as targeting moss, contains essential plant nutrients and can keep fungal disease activity at bay.

    Additional Treatments

    Our lawn treatment services cover parts of North Wales, including Denbighshire, Flintshire and Conwy.

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