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    Q. How long will it take before I see the effects of the treatments?

    A. Within a few days of your first treatment you should see the weeds in your lawn begin to curl and die. Within a few weeks your lawn should be noticeably greener. Heavy rainfall following our treatments, or cool soil temperatures may affect our weed kill treatments – so if your weeds aren’t dying please contact us and we will visit to re-apply this treatment Free of Charge

    Q. Are LawnGuard licensed to treat lawns?

    A. LawnGuard operatives are City & Guilds qualified to apply our professional products safely and correctly.

    Q. Do I need to be home when you come to treat my lawn?

    A. We carry all we need to treat your lawn within the van, therefore as long as we have ACCESS to all of the lawns you do not need to be home when your lawn is treated. If we have your email address, we are able to remind you that we are coming 7 days prior to each planned treatment on your lawn. We will always notify you in advance of your next treatment.

    Q. Do I need to water my lawn once the treatments are complete?

    A. No. Normal rainfall or the morning dew is normally enough to get the treatments working. However, during drought conditions watering will activate our weed control products and allow our fertiliser to start taking effect sooner.

    Q. Why should I choose LawnGuard rather than one of your competitors?

    A. We are a small family run business; we are not a franchise. So, you will have one point of contact, the same person will always come and treat your lawn.

    Q. How long until I notice a difference?

    A. You will see the positive effects of the first treatment in a couple of weeks.