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What are Chafer Grubs?

Chafer Grubs are the larvae of the Chafer Beetle

Chafer Beetle Facts:

  • Chafer grubs are the larvae of at least five different species of chafer beetle. These grubs live in the soil just beneath the lawn. Both larvae and adult beetles can attack the grass plant. Chafer grubs are C-shaped, soft white larvae, up to 40mm long with a brown head and six legs on the upper end of the body.
  • Commonly active during the late summer to autumn period.
  • Chafer grubs feed on the roots, stems and sometimes leaves of the grass plant. The grass may appear yellow or brown before wilting and dying.
  • Secondary damage from birds, badgers, foxes, moles and other small mammals searching, pecking or digging for larvae will be evident on your lawn.


  • Monitor your lawn in the autumn for larvae activity and secondary damage.
  • Call Lawnguard to advise. We have a treatment for this common problem