― Lawncare Professionals ―

Over-seeding is carried out for the following reasons

  • To create a thick lush lawn
  • To encourage desirable grasses. For example, drought, shade or wear tolerant species.
  • Where the present standard of turf grass species is so poor that routine maintenance cannot improve it.
  • To increase the population of desirable grass species in your lawn.

When is the best time to over-seed?

Over-sowing of new grass seed ideally either side of summer in spring or autumn time. Seed should not be sown during a heat wave or in frosty conditions.
Any seed sown during the warmer months will need to be regularly watered.

Why does my lawn need a seed over-sow?

Over-seeding is the process of applying new seed to an already existing stand of grass. It can be carried out on small worn areas or across the whole lawn surface. Over sowing seed is an ideal way to produce a thick healthy lawn that looks good the whole year through.